Bridge Loans & Hard Money Loans in Jacksonville, FL

At Silliman Private Lending, our private lenders specialize in providing bridge loans and hard money loans in Jacksonville, FL. And with our streamlined underwriting process, we are able to close deals as quickly as 48 hours, ensuring that our clients can move forward with their investments without delay.

Founded in 2018, we’ve quickly become a trusted source for private loans among flippers and home rehabbers in the Jacksonville area. Our team’s extensive experience in real estate investing allows us to understand the challenges and opportunities that our clients face. We also offer a variety of private loan options to meet the unique needs of each investor.

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Our bridge loans serve as a temporary financing solution that “bridges” the gap between the purchase of a property and the securing of long-term financing. This type of loan is ideal for investors who need immediate capital to seize an investment opportunity but may not qualify for traditional financing due to credit history, income verification, or other factors.

With our bridge loans, we can provide the funding needed to acquire a property quickly, allowing investors to secure the deal and begin the necessary renovations or rehabilitation. Once the property is revitalized and stabilized, investors can then secure long-term financing or sell the property for profit.

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Our hard money loans are designed to support investors who require funding for property acquisition, renovations, and other real estate projects. Unlike traditional lenders, we don’t rely on strict credit requirements or extensive documentation. Instead, we base our lending decisions primarily on the value of the property and the investor’s experience.

This flexibility in underwriting allows us to create a loan structure that meets the specific needs of each investor. We can provide funding quickly and efficiently, enabling investors to move forward with their projects without the usual delays associated with traditional lending institutions.

As a private lender, we lend our own funds, which means we have the ability to make decisions quickly and without the red tape often present in traditional lending processes. Our clients benefit from our expertise in real estate investing, as we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that investors face. We can guide our clients through the loan process, providing valuable insights and advice along the way.

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Additional Services

Beyond bridge loans and hard money loans, we’re also proud to offer these additional services, as well:

Fix and Flip Loans

We understand that fixing and flipping homes can be a lucrative investment strategy. That’s why we offer fix and flip loans specifically designed for residential properties in Chattanooga, TN. Our fix and flip loans provide the capital you need to purchase properties, make necessary renovations, and sell for a profit. With our competitive rates and flexible terms, we are your go-to source for fix and flip financing.

Transactional Funding

For wholesalers in Chattanooga, TN, our transactional funding option provides fast and hassle-free funding for short-term real estate transactions. With our transactional funding, you can confidently close deals knowing that the necessary funds will be available. Whether you are wholesaling a property or assigning a contract, our transactional funding will help you maintain a strong position in the market.

New Construction Loans

Our new construction loans are available to builders and investors throughout the United States. These loans are without the drawn-out timelines of conventional builder loans—and they’re backed by some of the best private lending rates and terms available. Whether you need a 12- or 18-month loan, we make it easy to break ground on your development now. With some of the most competitive rates in private lending right now, we’re the answer to a builder loan.

Working with Silliman Private Lending

When you choose Silliman Private Lending, you can expect a streamlined and personalized experience. We take the time to understand your investment goals and tailor our lending solutions to meet your specific needs. Our knowledgeable team is available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance throughout the loan process.

We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times and responsive customer service. Our clients appreciate our ability to close deals within as quickly as 48 hours, allowing them to seize investment opportunities in a timely manner. With our efficient underwriting process, we work diligently to ensure that our clients receive the funding they need when they need it.

If you’re a flipper or home rehabber in Jacksonville, FL, in need of bridge loans or hard money loans, Silliman Private Lending is here to help. Just contact us today to discuss your investment goals and learn more about how our private lending solutions can support your real estate projects. Let us be your trusted partner in success.

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