Draw Form

Thank you for being a current Silliman Private Lending customer. Hopefully your project is going well. We would like to help you as quickly as possible get your construction money back in your pocket. Please click the draw form link below and follow the instructions. Not turning in everything we need will delay your draw. Here are the high-level steps of our draw process:

1. Click the draw form button, follow the instructions, and submit all necessary information.

2. Silliman Private Lending will review the draw and order a on-site inspection.

3. The inspector will reach out to you to schedule a onsite inspection for your project.

4. Silliman Private Lending will review the inspectors report and share with you.

5. 1-2 business days after Silliman Private Lending receives the onsite inspection report the money will be ACH or wired into your bank account per your choice.

Draw Form