January 14, 2021

2021-01-29 | 23:13:12

"We have been working with Silliman Private Lending for about two years now. The team is excellent to work with, processes are easy and straight forward and Ben takes the time to provide education and check in with those he lends to. Very happy we were introduced to Silliman Private Lending."
January 14, 2021

2021-01-29 | 23:13:00

"Silliman Private Lending was recommended to us through another investor friend network. When I tell you that they came through in a pinch at the 11th hour after our other lender fell through, we mean it and it was incredible. Funding costs were fair and straight forward. The transaction was easy and fluid and we closed on time even after a few unforeseen hiccups. Great communication and timely. They truly made it a less stressful process without much of the headaches and delays we've experienced before with other lenders and this was our 7th rehab. We sincerely recommend their business and hope we get the chance to work with them again really soon with our next fix-n-flip property. Excellent!"
October 28, 2020

"Silliman Private Lending has the best service. Ben and Michelle are wonderful to work with on any project. Communication is wonderful and the process to be funded or take a draw is superb. Thank you Silliman Private Lending for all the lending you have provided for me over the years and any of my future funding. - Ken"
September 30, 2020

2021-03-23 | 18:23:42

"Working with Silliman Private lending has been a game changer for our REI business. Straightforward, common sense approach. In a business where you need quick decisions and execution to complete. Silliman cuts through all the endless prerequisites like appraisals and puts you in a position to make offers quickly and be a real contender for the best properties. The purchase funding and subsequent renovation draws are timely and without hassles. Silliman has everything I need and there is really no reason to go anywhere else."
September 19, 2020

2020-09-21 | 23:44:53

"Ben is a true partner in all the deals we have done together."