June 4, 2020

"I met Ben yesterday, and he made me feel very comfortable with learning about Stillman Private Lending, LLC. I applied this morning and two minutes later he called and inform me I will have my approval by this afternoon. I was quite shocked."
May 15, 2020

2020-09-21 | 23:46:35

"“I needed help on renovating a newly acquired house and didn’t have the rehab funds. I completed the application in about 15 minutes and received a call from Ben. After a couple of question I got the approval letter that day. Closed in two weeks. Easy process!”"
May 11, 2020

2020-09-21 | 23:46:27

"I have worked with Ben Silliman for years and he's awesome doing business with! I highly recommend Silliman Private Lending. They deliver quick turnaround from the approval process, to funding, to rehab draws . Their streamlined processes and loan options really make it easy for any type investor to obtain the funding they need. If you are looking for a private lender you should definitely contact Silliman Private Lending!"
February 27, 2020

Brandon T.

"As someone who does high volume flips we require a great private lender. Because SPL has a streamed lined fast approval process I can focus on my core business and not get bogged down in loan paperwork. After doing about 25 loan with SPL they have become my preferred lender. 2019 was one of our best years and no doubt having a great lender to work with was one of the reason for our success!"
February 15, 2020

Jesse L.

"As far as private lenders go there is no one better! After two years of working with the SPL team we have had no complaints or issues. The speed and reliability of the customer service has been fantastic. SPL’s ability to be flexible and move swiftly has help my business scale greatly. Thanks for what you do!"