August 26, 2022

Carlos Charry | 2022-08-26 00:13:28

"I have done many deals now with Silliman Private Lending and their professionalism and way to conduct business is second to none. They are far ahead of anyone on the industry as far as rates and approval time. My partnership with them has been key in the growth of my business. Even from a consulting aspect Ben is always willing to offer advise and help you get the deal done. I cannot recommend them enough!"
August 26, 2022

Edward Reed | 2022-08-26 00:12:44

"I have used Silliman Private Lending several times for my investment needs. The company has honored their words and approved my loans the same day in many cases. The owner has checked in with me several times to see how my projects were making progress. I haven't found a better private lending company. Mr. Silliman and his team are the best and most professional in the business."
August 26, 2022

Michael Strobel | 2022-08-26 00:11:10

"We have been working with Silliman Private Lending for about two years now. The team is excellent to work with, processes are easy and straight forward and Ben takes the time to provide education and check in with those he lends to. Very happy we were introduced to Silliman Private Lending."
April 21, 2021

2021-05-19 | 21:24:46

"I've done more deals than I can count with Silliman over the last few years. Everything from flips, to small multi-family, larger multi-family and everything in between. They are extremely easy to work with, have fantastic customer service, and take relationship based lending to a whole new level. I won't even use anyone else anymore. Could not recommend them more highly."
April 2, 2021

2021-05-19 | 21:24:55

"I would recommend Silliman Private Lending a1000 times or more to any Real Estate Investors. They have taken a chance on me and my business, and because of them I'm successful in my business. Their professionalism, values, and opportunity to help is what sets them apart from other lenders. They came through for me in a pinch and set me up for success. The partnership and relationship you develop with Silliman Private Lending is exactly what investors and Entrepreneur are looking for. Go with Silliman Private Lending, they are one of the best private lenders in this industry."